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    US Army CERBERUS program -
    RVision built and assembled the sensor suite atop the CERBERUS mast which included our Carbide 75 pan tilt with "pan-thru" shaft, T200 pressurized camera system, Telephonics radar, Vectronix LRF, BE Meyers laser pointer and sighting cameras offering detection and processing of man size targets beyond a 5 mile range
    US Special Operations Command - 
    Austere Location Force Protection Kit (ALFP Kit)
    RVision was instrumental in final development of the ALFP kit under an emergency needs statement and subsequently provided the electro-optic sensor suite on our Carbide 16 platform which incorporated day optics, uncooled thermal imaging and a laser range finder
    US Department of Homeland Security 
    As part of an inter-agency agreement with the US Army, RVision worked with the US Border Patrol to implement a vehicle mounted version of CERBERUS which ultimately morphed into the MSS or Mobile Surveillance System allowing for mobile interdiction and reporting anywhere along US borders.
    US Defense Logistics Agency
    In cooperation with the US Army Countermine Group RVision developed an interrogation and situational awareness camera system for numerous soldier transport systems.  DLA continues to supply Life Cycle Maintenance and retrofit of these systems using only RVision optics and quick connect components
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