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The LOOK controller is designed to work with any RVision camera through the unique High-Def cable systems provided by RVision. With a 6.5" TFT display, 3-axis joystick and programmable buttons, the LOOK is an all-in-one command center. Looping RCA outputs enable NTSC or PAL video to be sent to external monitors and DVRs and in some configurations, audio to speakers.


The twist to zoom feature of the joystick allows the operator to perform other tasks while maneuvering the camera. When used with a Dual Head camera such as the Dual HP, the push of a button toggles the image between the color and thermal cameras.

The joystick provides proportional pan and tilt speeds which are critical to operations involving long range lenses. When a telephoto lens is zoomed in, the LOOK controller automatically directs the camera system to adjust its speed thus providing smooth tracking of targets at long ranges.


The LOOK is designed to accept power and distribute that power to the associated camera through the RVision all-in-one cable. Most of the RVision cameras can operate with the LOOK from battery power in a vehicle, thus making the LOOK the ideal basis for mobile applications.



SKU: 870040
  • Standard LOOK 6.5


    Specifiy RS232 or RS422 at time of order

    This controller can be operated at a Pelco D controller with a special software download.


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