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The Dual HP is a hardened pan/tilt/zoom camera  providing nearly silent operation. In addition, the Dual HP offers continuous rotation and improved repeatability for preset and go-to targets. The rugged Dual HP delivers long life in harsh environments such as continuous salt water spray or blowing sand. The Dual HP still offers both BigFoot and QuickConnect™, providing true Mil-Spec connections. NTSC and PAL options.

The Dual HP houses two optics, color and thermal imager.

Contact our factory about HD and IP solutions.

The Dual HP is also available with absolute encoders.  Contact factory for more details.


SKU: 820683
  • All systems have 30X color optical zoom

    All thermals are 30Hz unless special ordered at 7.5Hz

    For 320x240, 17 micron solutions using QuickConnect

    DHP-336F-9MM-75K-QC (9mm lens)

    DHP-336F-35MM-75K-QC (35mm lens)

    DHP-336F-50MM-75K-QC (50mm lens)

    For 320x240, 17 micron solutions using BigFoot

    DHP-336F-9MM-75K-BF (9mm lens)

    DHP-336F-35MM-75K-BF (35mm lens)

    DHP-336F-50MM-75K-BF (50mm lens)

    DHP-336F-60MM-75K-BF (60mm lens)

    For 640x480, 17 micron solutions using QuickConnect

    DHP-640F-9MM-75K-QC (9mm lens)

    DHP-640F-35MM-75K-QC (35mm lens)

    DHP-640F-50MM-75K-QC (50mm lens)

    For 640x480, 17 micron solutions using BigFoot

    DHP-640F-9MM-75K-BF (9mm lens)

    DHP-640F-35MM-75K-BF (35mm lens)

    DHP-640F-50MM-75K-BF (50mm lens)

    DHP-640F-60MM-75K-BF (60mm lens)

    Specify color and protocol (RS232 or RS422/Sony Visca Pelco D) at time of order

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