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The LONGHORN Observation Luminary from RVision is an intelligent lighting system with integrated electro-optical sensors and network connectivity.  The system is built upon the RS series of lights from Meltronand provides:

  • Unprecedented lighting capability using Meltron’spatented Nano-DefractiveOptics allowing the Longhorn to cast efficient and clean LED light far beyond the competition
  • Four separate channels controlling 4 banks of Nano-difractedLEDs for intelligent operations:
  • allows each channel to be controlled independently
  • provides symmetric light distribution in each channel for better uniformity
  • enables varied illumination schemes for changing weather conditions
  • Internal mechanisms allow the Longhorn to turn on/off automatically based on local inputs or pre-programmed schedules via Network connectivity
  • Electro-optic sensors from RVision are integrated with the Longhorn to provide
  • Multiple observation capabilities around and beneath the Longhorn or at range  
  • The versatility of the Longhorn enables RVision to adapt new technologies for many different scenarios.  
  • Contact an RVision representative to arrange your custom solution.


SKU: 0008
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