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The ST_fv fixed camera contains a 17 micron thermal imager that is available in 320x240 or 640x480 format with several lens options. When used with an RVision articulating mount the ST_fv can be easily positioned for the best point of view. Available with the BigFoot or QuickConnect connection method, the ST_fv fits well with the RVision family of products.

ST_fv Thermal Imager

SKU: 0023
  • 320x240 Sensors with QuickConnect

    ST_fv-336F-7.5MM-QC  (7.5mm lens)

    ST_fv-336F-9MM-QC  (9mm lens)

    ST_fv-336F-35MM-QC  (35mm lens)

    ST_fv-336F-50MM-QC  (50mm lens)

    320x240 Sensors with BigFoot

    ST_fv-336F-7.5MM-BF  (7.5mm lens)

    ST_fv-336F-9MM-BF  (9mm lens)

    ST_fv-336F-35MM-BF  (35mm lens)

    ST_fv-336F-50MM-BF  (50mm lens)

    640x480 Sensors with QuickConnect

    ST_fv-641F-7.5MM-QC  (7.5mm lens)

    ST_fv-641F-9MM-QC  (9mm lens)

    ST_fv-641F-35MM-QC  (35mm lens)

    ST_fv-641F-50MM-QC  (50mm lens)

    640x480 Sensors with BigFoot

    ST_fv-641F-7.5MM-BF  (7.5mm lens)

    ST_fv-641F-9MM-BF  (9mm lens)

    ST_fv-641F-35MM-BF  (35mm lens)

    ST_fv-641F-50MM-BF  (50mm lens)

    All systems above shown as 30Hz can be ordered as 7.5Hz

    Specify protocol (RS232/RS422/Visca/Pelco-D) and physical color at time of order

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