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The JC-100 is an off-shoot from our standard LOOK controllers in that it provides all the same control functions, yet enables the end user to free up space without minimizing performance. Dual video outputs on the JC-100 easily port one or two video streams to a user provided, external monitor/s. The small size and feature-rich aspects of this device are ideal for field agent kits, MRAP vehicles, construction vehicles, and other areas where space is limited. With the easy-to-control twist to zoom, 3 axis joystick, an operator can manipulate the JC-100 without having to look down at the control station. The JC-100 mates with the RVision Cables featuring the High Def connector. Optional mounts are available.

JC-100 Joystick (no display)

SKU: 870043
  • Standard JC100 Controller


    Specify RS232 or RS422 control at time of order

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