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The Carbide 16 is the most advanced mid-size surveillance platform available today. Just slightly larger than our Dual HP, the C16 can be configured with many different cooled and uncooled thermal imagers, as well as a variety of laser pointers/designators, with several color camera options available as well. Fully loaded, this nearly silent platform boasts an overall weight of less than 22 lbs. Without sensors, the main pan/tilt body is just 10.5 lbs. Using RVision’s BigFoot connection method, the C16 is compatible with all cables used by the Dual HP. 

 Please call an RVision representative to discuss a custom solution today.


SKU: 822838
  • All systems have 30X color optical zoom with the option of adding an optical doubler

    All thermals are 30Hz unless special ordered at 7.5Hz

    All systems employ a 640x480, 17 micron thermal module

    All systems employ the BigFoot connection method

    C16CZ-641E-100MM-75K (15-100mm Continuous Zoom Lens)

    C16CZ-641E-100MM-75K2 (15-100mm CZ Lens w/optical doubler)

    C16CZ-641E-150MM-75K (25-150mm Continuous Zoom Lens)

    C16CZ-641E-150MM-75K2 (25-150mm CZ Lens w/optical doubler)

    C16CZ100TLRF4.5KM75K2 (15-100mm CZ lens & Laser Range Finder/4.5KM range)

    Specify color and protocol (RS232 or RS422/Sony Visca Pelco D) at time of order

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