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Any RVision camera using the BigFoot connection method must also use a BigFoot cable as shown along with a BigFoot mount.  BigFoot cables come in two versions, single coax and triple coax with multiple standard lengths available.  Custom lengths available up to 250 ft.  Our triple coax cable is required to stream more than one video signal at a time.  Contact sales for more information.

BigFoot Cable

SKU: 700273
  • Standard Single Coax Cables

    CBL-BF15-S(15 ft.)

    CBL-BF17-S(17 ft.)

    CBL-BF20-S(20 ft.)

    CBL-BF50-S(50 ft.)

    CBL-BF100-S(100 ft.)

    Standard Triple Coax Cables

    CBL-BF15-D(15 ft.)

    CBL-BF25-D(25 ft.)

    CBL-BF40-D(40 ft.)

    CBL-BF500-D(50 ft.)

    CBL-BF100-D(100 ft.)

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