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  • What type of control protocol do you use for your cameras/pan tilts?
    RVision's control protocol or interface language is built upon a modified version of Sony Visca. Our systems can be ordered to communicate via Sony VISCA or via Pelco D. In some cases specialty software can be created however this will consist of a modified version of the protocols mentioned.
  • Does RVision provide custom solutions?
    Yes. RVision often builds custom integrated solutions for select customers. Contact to discuss your ideas.
  • What is the difference between RVision's QuickConnect and BigFoot?
    QuickConnect is an integrated camera mounting assembly that is permantently attached to specific RVision cable sets. This mount marries to any RVision camera/pan tilt employing the QuickConnect connection method. BigFoot utilizes an RVision mount (part 800105) to mount an RVision camera/pan tilt employing the BigFoot connection method. This mount is approximately 2.75" square and mounts with 4 screws/bolts. Detailed information is found at the bottom of our Home Page by clicking the Resources Tab
  • What is the difference between a Mini HP and a Dual HP?
    Mini HP is a pan tilt offering one optic assembly - either color or thermal. Dual HP is a pan tilt offering two optic assemblies, one on each side of the pan tilt. Standard choices are color and thermal.
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