RVision’s products are used across a broad spectrum of surveillance end markets: borders, ports and harbors, chemical plants, nuclear facilities, military, public transportation, and law enforcement, among others. An investment in RVision represents an opportunity to invest in the growing surveillance market, and to capitalize on the increasing need for security and protection of people, as well as property. Elevated homeland security spending in the U.S. will also benefit the Company as advanced surveillance systems extend to city streets and a wide range of city and state facilities.

The industry section of this Executive Summary is organized into an overview of the electronic security systems, in addition to a summary of RVision’s competitive landscape. Finally, the Company’s primary end markets are profiled, with a specific focus on where RVision’s technology is utilized, as well as key growth trends and market size estimates.

Electronic Surveillance Industry

RVision competes in the land-based EO systems market, an attractive subset of the security systems market. With an exceptional technology foundation, strong customer relationships, and an experienced executive team, the Company has rapidly developed a broad customer base. The demand for electronic security systems has been driven by a sustained preoccupation with security issues. The expenditure on physical security products worldwide has received a major boost as a result of recent terrorist activity. Countries are increasingly willing to spend billions of dollars to secure their critical infrastructure, borders, and citizens. Advances in technology have enhanced security systems, resulting in a higher degree of accuracy, ease of use, and speed of operation; because of this, there is an awareness and demand for the latest technologies to either upgrade or replace existing security systems.