Remote Surveillance System

Remote Surveillance System

The RVision Remote Surveillance System (RSS) provides a mobile, self contained and integrated 360° surveillance system which can be rapidly deployed and delivered by a wide range of vehicles. The trailer solution is specifically selected for its resistance to shock and vibration in addition to cross country performance, mobility, and speed. The independent suspension of the RSS overcomes the most challenging terrain while ensuring protection for the sensor sub-system during transit.

The RVision solution utilizes commercial off-the-shelf sub-systems that are integrated to provide a versatile and flexible system which can be matched to the specified system requirements. The system utilizes equipment to enable a modular, reliable, maintainable, and supportable system with a plug and play open architecture enabling interoperability with different camera, laser, and radar choices. The system is fully IP and can be remotely controlled via any wireless radio transmission.  Select aspects of the system can be controlled via cellular as well. Each sub-system has been selected to provide a proven capability based on a low risk technical solution with low delivery risk as well.

High Mobility Trailer

The trailer assembly provides the platform for a mobile self-contained, integrated 360° force protection surveillance system which can be rapidly deployed over rough, unmade roads with varying terrain by a wide range of vehicles.

Mast Assembly

Multiple Mast Assemblies available.  Designed around selected payloads.

Sensor System

  • Medium to Long Range Sensors
    • Choice of Cooled or Uncooled Thermal Imager
    • Color (visible band) Day Camera, (RVision—T200 up to 2000mm)
  • Queuing/Detect Radar (multiple choices)
  • An integrated laser assembly (RVision Laser pod 100 series) comprising of
    • Laser Range Finder
    • Near InfraRed (NIR) illuminator
    • Visible Illuminator

Cueing Detect Radar

Multiple Choices available in multiple bands

  • Border monitoring
  • Protection of fixed and temporary installations
  • Border police support at international passes, airports, harbors, ground passes

Laser Pod

The Laserpod 100 series manufactured by RVision is a single LRU that houses the following:

  • Laser range Finder
  • IR illuminator
  • Visible Illuminator

MAESTRO Control Station

The system is provided with a laptop running RVision MAESTRO Software that is simple to operate and intuitive to use.

Download PDF Spec Sheet

RSS System in Tow

RSS System on a Border Patrol Vehicle

RSS System ready for launch

Very Long Range RSS Trailer

Key Features

  • One man deployable in less than 20 minutes
  • Up to 120 lbs of mast mounted payloads
  • Self contained battery and diesel generator for continuous 30 day usage
  • Padded draws for safe and secure payload transport