Carbide Longglass

Carbide Longglass

Extended Reach Surveillance Kit

The Carbide LongGlass is a pan/tilt platform capable of carrying a variety of long range optics. Available on the RVision C75, or C150 platforms, LongGlass is designed to be man-portable for rapid deployment, while linking locally to an RVision LOOK® controller or remotely to a user-defined network. With an unlimited arrangement of sensors, RVision has the perfect kit for your long range surveillance needs. Because of the pan-through-shaft available on any of the mentioned Carbide systems, LongGlass can accommodate a ground-based surveillance radar atop the pan/tilt, thus giving automated 360-degree situational awareness out to 10km. The lightweight tripod is capable of carrying 200 lbs. and packs down into a 24” case. Quick-release arms and a user-friendly bore sight mechanism provide maximum versatility and best of all, “no tools required”.

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LongGlass overlooking San Francisco

Other Options

  • Ground based radar
  • Laser range finder
  • Laser pointer/designator
  • Varied thermal imagers
  • Varied color optics

Key Features

  • C75 with 500mm day camera and 100–500mm thermal
  • C150 with 1500mm day camera and 250–1100mm thermal
  • Includes:
    • Tripod
    • Cables
    • Power supply
    • Two optics
    • Quick release arms
    • Bore sight device