Carbide 75

Carbide 75

Pan/Tilt Positioner for Multi-Sensor Payloads

The C75 is a slightly larger version of the C50 (discontinued) with added torque capacity. With the same architecture as the C50, the C75 has the ability to carry 37 lbs. payloads on either side of the pan/tilt. This allows for the RVision T200-5M and 10M pressurized housings to be deployed, which also carry optional laser range finders, laser designators, and bore sighting devices. The C75 has a pedestal with 3 Mil-Spec ports allowing sensors to pass through the pan/tilt to command and control. There are two extended tilt arms with Mil-Spec connectors on each side of the pan/tilt. The C75 has a patent-pending pan-through axle that allows sensors such as ground-based surveillance radar to be integrated atop the pan/tilt unit. Multiple brackets and sensor accessories are available.

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Carbide on Desert Patrol for US GVT customer

Carbide Patrolling Port of Long Beach

Carbide Patrolling FAA Tech Center

Carbide 75 Shipping for major GVT Program

Carbide with radar/thermal/laser sensors


Pan/Tilt System Configuration

Pan Angle Range 365°
Tilt Angle Range 90°
Pan Speed 25°/s
Tilt Speed 25°/s
Pan Resolution 0.0036°
Tilt Resolution 0.0041°

Environmental & Electrical

Weight 50 lbs.
Housing Material Cast aluminum
Voltage 22–26 vdc
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Mounting Pedestal

Key Features

  • 75 lb. payload
  • Pan and tilt axles made from type 7075-T6 aluminum alloy
  • All stainless steel fasteners
  • Heavy duty stepper motors
  • Low power consumption
  • Numeric positioning controls for SLEW to queue operations
  • RS232 or RS422 serial communications
  • Options:
    • Custom and Vendor Specific Protocols
    • Unlimited ancillary sensor configurations