C16 Mobile Mark

C16 Mobile Mark

Mobile Aquisition Reconnaisance Kit

The C16 Mobile MARK is a complete surveillance system designed to be portable, easily transported, and easily deployed. The standard system includes our C16 with a 36x optical color camera and a 640x480 thermal imager with 100mm lens (fixed or continuous zoom). Also included is our LOOK® controller, multiple cables, suction articulating windshield mount, magnetic camera mount, and BigFoot Mounting base. Other accessories are available, such as tripods, carrying cases, and power supplies. The C16 MARK can be moved between vehicles, land-based outposts, and marine environments as a stand-alone or networked surveillance package.

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C16 Portable MARK Kit on SUV


Pan/Tilt System Configuration

Pan Angle Range Continuous
Tilt Range 180°
Pan Speed 120°/s
Tilt Speed 120°/s
Pan/Tilt Resolution 0.0075°

Environmental & Electrical (Pan/Tilt)

Weight up to 40 lbs.
Housing Material Cast aluminum
Voltage 12–30 vdc
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Mounting Bigfoot

CCTV Camera (Various Cameras Available)

Optical Zoom 36x
Digital Zoom 12x
Imaging Modes Color/Near infrared
TV Lines (NTSC/PAL) 550/540
Dynamic Range >50 dB
Light Sensitivity 0.01 Lux NIR Mode
Low-Light/Long Integration 1/4 s (NTSC) 1/3 s (PAL)
Auto Focus Yes
Image Stabilization Yes
Rich Exposure Color Yes

IR Camera (Various Cameras Available)

Micro 320x240 or 640x480
Spectral Response 7.5–13.5 μm
Thermal Sensitivity < 85mK
Focus Method Motorized

Key Features

  • LOOK® controller
  • Carbide® 16 with 640x480 thermal 100mm 36x optical color camera
  • Articulated windshield mount
  • Magnetic camera mount
  • Bigfoot mounting base
  • 12v cig adapter cable
  • 15 ft. control cable
  • Other accessories available