Carbide 16

Carbide 16

Thermal/Color/Laser/Range Finder optional

The Carbide 16 is the most advanced mid-size surveillance platform available today. Just slightly larger than our Dual™ i50, the C16 can be configured with many different cooled and uncooled thermal imagers, as well as a variety of laser pointers/designators, with several color camera options available as well. Fully loaded, this nearly silent platform boasts an overall weight of less than 22 lbs. Without sensors, the main pan/tilt body is just 10.5 lbs. Using RVision’s BigFoot connection method, the C16 is compatible with all cables used by the Dual HP.

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Carbide Patrolling Airfield

Carbide 16 Patrolling Waterways of Long Beach

Carbide 16 Field Deployable Kits


Pan/Tilt System Configuration

Pan Angle Range Continuous
Tilt Range 180°
Pan Speed 120°/s
Tilt Speed 120°/s
Pan/Tilt Resolution 0.0075°

Environmental & Electrical (Pan/Tilt)

Weight 14–22 lbs.
Housing Material Cast aluminum

12–30 VDC, Varies by payloads

Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Mounting Bigfoot

CCTV Camera

Optical Zoom 36x, 36x with optical doubler
Digital Zoom 12x
Imaging Modes Color/Near infrared
TV Lines (NTSC/PAL) 550/540
Dynamic Range >50 dB
Light Sensitivity 0.01 Lux NIR Mode
Low-Light/Long Integration 1/4 s (NTSC) 1/3 s (PAL)
Auto Focus Yes
Image Stabilization Yes
Rich Exposure Color Yes

IR Camera


320x240 LWIR 640x480 LWIR 640x480 MWIR

Spectral Response 7.5–13.5 μm
Thermal Sensitivity < 85mK
Focal Length

50mm Fixed, 100mm Fixed, 15mm to 100mm continuous zoom, 19mm to 275mm continuous zoom (MWIR)

Focus Method Motorized or Fixed

Key Features

  • Simultaneous color and thermal video streams
  • Optional thermals available
  • Uncooled 320x240
  • Uncooled 640x480
  • Cooled 640x480
  • Color zoom options available 36x, and 36x with optical doubler
  • Laser Pointers available at various frequencies
  • Laser range finder option available, 4.5km range, eye safe