Carbide 150

Carbide 150

Pan/Tilt Positioner for Multi-Sensor Payloads

The Carbide 150 Numeric Positioner is a high-resolution pan/tilt for driving super long-range optics. The Carbide 150’s repeatability is essential to successful maritime and land-based operations. In addition to the side saddle mount, RVision’s unique pan-through shaft allows sensor configurations not typically seen in the surveillance marketplace. The Carbide 150 can carry a total payload of 150 lbs. across the pan axis (includes both sides of the unit) and can carry an additional 100 lbs. on top of the unit.

The Carbide 150 is used for unique configurations of sensors such as laser range finders, xenon spotlights, defensive acoustic arrays, laser designators, and of course long range CCD and thermal camera systems. A versatile internal wiring harness and multiple Mil-Spec ports located at the base of the Carbide 150 allow for unlimited configurations without exposing cables to unnecessary wear and tear.

The Carbide 150 is a work-horse for the surveillance industry matched by no other.

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Carbide 150 Sensor Suite on Border Vehicle

Carbide 150 on multiple Border Vehicles

Carbide 150 Suite for Long Range Surveillance


Pan Angle Range 365°
Pan Angle Minimum Movement 0.005°
Pan Angle Speed 0.086°/s to 40°/s
Pan Angle Encoder Feedback 0° to 365°
Pan Torque 100 Newton meters
Tilt Angle Range 190°
Tilt Angle Minimum Movement 0.005°
Tilt Angle Speed 0.086°/s to 40°/s
Tilt Angle Encoder Feedback 0° to 180°
Tilt Torque 100 Newton meters
Video Coax 4 analog video signals, NTSC or PAL
Operational Temperature Range -15C to +40°C,
-40°C optional
Carbide Housing Aluminum
Operating Voltage 22–26 vdc
Operating Power, all motors moving 156W
Weight w/o Radar Mount 90 lbs.
Weight w/ Radar Mount 95 lbs.

Key Features

  • 150 lb. payload
  • Marine-rated
  • Pan and tilt axles made from type 7075-T6 aluminum alloy
  • All stainless steel fasteners
  • Heavy duty stepper motors
  • Low power consumption
  • Numeric positioning controls for SLEW to queue operations
  • RS232 or RS422 serial communications
  • Options:
    • Custom and Vendor Specific Protocols
    • Unlimited ancillary sensor configurations